Dawn at the Alamo – 2014

Dawn at the Alamo – Assemble at 5:30 AM – Thursday the 6th of March:

The Alamo Chapter of the Sons of the Republic of Texas will meet on Alamo Plaza on March 6th as the San Antonio Living History Association (SALHA) presents “Dawn At The Alamo”©. This 178th anniversary pre-dawn commemorative ceremony honors the fallen, on both sides, at the same hour of the 1836 Battle of the Alamo; which began in darkness and ended in early morning light. The Alamo Chapter SRT will present a champagne toast to the heroes of the Alamo following the SALHA ceremony. Our dress is white shirt & tie, blue blazer grey pants & western hat. We need assistance in handing out the cups and pouring the champagne; contact Joe Weathersby to volunteer.

Other Events during this date:

Breakfast at the Menger – 7:00 AM – Thursday the 6th of March:
Buffet breakfast with the SALHA and other SRT chapters in the Colonial Room of the Menger. $21 per person – advance reservation is required. Contact Richard Esparza for reservations.

“After the Fall of the Alamo” – 10:00 AM – Thursday the 6th of March:
The Alamo Chapter presents its inaugural special event. It is free and open to the public and is a recognized SRT official event. The one hour program addresses the purpose of SRT and the events following the fall of the Alamo. This year SRT President General David Hanover, KSJ and Mr William Chemerka, a honorary member of the Alamo Chapter, are the featured speakers. Alamo Chapter member Brian Shajaari will play the bag pipes at the event. Contact Dick Weitzel for further information.

The DRT Memorial Program at 2:30 PM – Thursday the 6th of March:
Held on Alamo Plaza the memorial program presents the flags of the defenders of the Alamo in a solemn ceremony. Alamo Couriers, Alamo Heroes and Alamo Mission chapters of DRT.

Texas State Historical Association’s 118th Annual Meeting – 6th – 8th – Wyndham Riverwalk Hotel:
The Association has a great deal going on over the weekend See Jack Judson for more information.

The Alamo Society Annual Symposium – 8th at the Menger Hotel:
From 9 AM until Noon. Admission is $10 at the door. Several programs will be presented including “Alamo Steel” about Bowie knifes and Rick Range discussing the Alamo’s west wall. This is always an interesting and educational event. The Alamo Society’s web site can be found at this link http://www.alamosociety.org/